But, you find out that things did not go as planned.  You find out that your beautiful baby is a brain-injured child -- all caused by the carelessness or recklessness of the doctor, nurse, or midwife you trusted.

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  • What do you do?  
  • How will you take care of this child?  
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The Gaffney Firm concentrates on cases involving catastrophically-injured individuals, including children.  Paul P. Gaffney of the Gaffney Firm will treat your case with the utmost importance so you can be certain that your child's future will be treated by Mr. Gaffney with great care.  Mr. Gaffney will also fight to see that your child gets the necessary lifetime care, including medical, nursing, and rehabilitative care, he or she needs.

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Birth Injury

You are about to give birth to a child.  This is a great responsibility.  For a brief period of time, you have transferred this great responsibility to a doctor, a nurse, or a midwife to deliver your baby, and you expect that he or she will act within the standard of care when treating you and your soon-to-be baby.